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About Revelation Software

Revelation Software delivers a fully integrated suite of application development tools. These incorporate a native database, support for third party databases and companion services that take full advantage of leading computing architectures and operating systems. Revelation’s flagship product, OpenInsight, is a NoSQL database development suite that provides Windows, Web 2.0 and .Net tools to enable application developers to quickly and easily create and deploy mission critical software applications.

Since 1982, Revelation's strategy has been to ensure the preservation of information systems and the application investments of its worldwide developer and user community. This philosophy has enabled Revelation's customers to reuse, extend, enhanced and leverage their investments in their business applications.

Revelation continues to focus on, and commit to, a program of continuous improvement and innovation which enables OpenInsight developers to thrive and prosper in the increasingly challenging and never changing market of software application development.

As an OpenInsight developer, you can be sure of first class support to help you to develop your systems and to take them to market. As an end user, you can rest assured that your business is running on one of the most robust, efficient and flexible database application technologies available.

To discuss how adopting OpenInsight could help you to create and maintain applications that support and grow with your business, whilst helping to maintain your businesses competitive advantage, please contact us with your contact details and a suitable time slot to call you back.