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Data Warehousing in OI 9.4 



OpenInsight is Revelations Software’s flagship product which is designed to enable today’s application developers to quickly and easily create desktop, web and mobile (browser based) applications. Used internally to build Revelation’s own computer systems and by millions of users around the world, OpenInsight’s repository based application development environment enables developers to create and reuse components and it enables development teams to work collaboratively on major projects.

OpenInsight is used by hundreds of developers around the world to develop, deploy and scale high-performance business solutions that run on leading messaging and client/server platforms. OpenInsight is a Windows based application development environment that can run on a standalone machine or it can reside on Windows servers when used in conjunction with the built in Universal Driver.

Integrated Application Development
The fully integrated toolset provides developers with all of the tools that are needed to build systems and connection technologies to harness third party tools if required. The toolset incorporates a powerful database and associated management tools, an easy to use Forms Designer with hooks into event code that can be maintained in the Forms Designer or in the rich Code Editor. With tools to quickly create help, message and data lookup windows, along with powerful reporting options, most developers do not need to look outside of the box.

When it comes to platforms, OpenInsight provides leading development tools for building Windows desktop based applications and O4W provides a complete browser based development environment for creating web based applications.  O4W features a 'click and set' development methodology for junior developers and a comprehensive API for professional developers who wish to take full control over the end solution.

This integrated development leads to a more consistent and reliable solution where no one part of the system relies on the support of another technology supplier. This also enhances the user experience by reducing downtime for administration and other technological outages resulting in lost business.

Connect to Multiple Databases
Along with OpenInsight’s own native database, the toolset features a proprietary data connection technology that enables third party databases to be attached and used just as though they were a native database. At the present time, Revelation Software's technologies support:

Vendor Database OI Data Connector
Rocket Software Universe and Unidata (U2)
Zumasys OpenQM and QM OI4QM
Ladybridge OpenQM and QM OI4QM
Various mySQL, SQL and others OI4SQL


OpenInsight is delivered through a developer focused package known as ‘The WORKS’. This subscription based service provides professional developers with the entire OpenInsight toolset and the companion support services.  These invaluable services offer a helping hand when it is needed, they provide access to all product upgrades for the development system and all deployed systems. They also provide the subscriber with access to a busy worldwide developer forum and knowledgebase.

OpenInsight has a very small footprint which enables systems to be deployed to a wide variety of servers and PCs. In addition, remote access can easily be configured using Remote Desktop Services or Citrix and users frequently take advantage of virtual machine technologies for load balancing, disaster recovery, etc.

Database Connectivity
OpenInsight includes a number of connectivity technologies which can be used to connect to other databases, share data with other third party software and deliver most business needs where it comes to accessing your data from outside of OpenInsight.

This used to include a read-only ODBC driver but this technology is now pretty old and the ODBC Driver is no longer available.  However, Revelation's OpenInsight features a built in Data Warehousing feature (up to OpenInsight 9.4.2), .NET support, RevCAPI (Revelation Communications API), Data Connectors and more.

To discuss OpenInsight in more detail and how end user systems are licensed, please contact us with your contact details and a suitable time slot to call you back. Alternatively, simply download the evaluation software and get started right away.

For more details about the types of business sectors that OpenInsight products are used in, please view our User Stories.