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Who Uses OpenInsight?

OpenInsight based systems are created and deployed all over the world and with around 2,000,000 users working in just about every industry.  This technology remains one of the IT industries best kept secrets. This is mostly owing to the fact that the organisations who build systems using OpenInsight, don’t usually want to talk about it.


Quite simply, OpenInsight often enables and supports organisations to carve out a competitive advantage and they do not want to share that with their competition.

Some of the key industries where OpenInsight can be found are in government departments (both local and central), finance, insurance, construction, recruitment, healthcare, education and a myriad of small, medium and large organisations.

Because OpenInsight based systems are largely based on a set and forget database technology that requires little database administration and because the footprint and systems resources is very light, organisations with a high dependency on data and a high throughput of information choose OpenInsight. Where many systems, such as RDBMS, require multiple disk reads to return a single record, OpenInsight is built on a proven NoSQL based technology that enables records to be returned with often only one or two disk reads. There are also fewer tables to maintain and the data relationships are simplified. This technology better supports modern applications running over the web and mobile devices and it is why some of the biggest names use OpenInsight based systems.

Who uses OpenInsight and why is a large topic and for this reason, Revelation UK has produced a white paper specifically designed for end users and prospective users. Some of the topics covered include; Who are Revelation and what is OpenInsight, Who uses OpenInsight and we include just a few of the many user stories, Why you should choose an OpenInsight based systems and why Revelation’s Value Added Resellers rely on OpenInsight, many for over two decades. The document can be downloaded here.

Another large topic is the one which discusses the benefits of a MultiValue based system like OpenInsight compared to a Relational Database Management System, more commonly known simply as an RDBMS.  Again, Revelation has a document which does into a little more detail about these benefits and the underlying technology which gives OpenInsight it's edge in the IT marketplace. That document can be downloaded here.

To discuss more about the people using OpenInsight and some of their success stories, please contact us with your contact details and a suitable time slot to call you back. Alternatively, simply download the evaluation software and get started right away.