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OpenInsight Features and Benefits

OI10.x Desktop QSG Video Playlist

OI 9.x Desktop QSG Video Playlist

O4W 9.x QSG Video Playlist

OpenInsight Evaluation Software

The OpenInsight evaluation software provides developers with access to the entire suite of application development tools for 30 days. The software will enable developers to create desktop and web based solutions for Windows running on OpenInsight’s own LH database and also D3, U2, QM, Cloud Databases and SQL based systems.

Applications that are created with the evaluation software can be saved and work can continue on the applications following purchase of a full OpenInsight license.

Please click on the download button below be taken to the main website which has the download file, installation information, minimum requirements and a link to request your unique evaluation authorisation key which is required to install the software.

To discuss OpenInsight in more detail and how end user systems are licensed, please contact us with your contact details and a best time to call.