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OpenInsight Course Agendas

Aftersales Services

The success of every OpenInsight developer and organisation developing or using OpenInsight is underpinned by a selection of aftersales services that are provided by Revelation staff in Europe, the USA and Australia. Revelation Software’s aftersales services in the EMEA region consist of:

Online Resources - From the time before online forums were commonplace, Revelation saw the benefit of building an online community through the deployment of an online forum.  Today, every WORKS subscriber and every end user has access to one of two forums which are both monitored daily by Revelation staff and OpenInsight developers around the world.  The benefit to Revelation's clients, is that a large pool of information exists and continues to grow and much of it with regards to real-world customer questions.

The website also provides access to a growing knowledgebase, a library of product upgrades and patches and much more - all available to the global OpenInsight community 24 hours a day.

Support Personnel – Revelation Software EMEA operate a manned support desk between the hours of 09.00 and 17.30 (GMT) Monday to Friday.  Assistance out of these standard times can be arranged on a case by case basis.  The team in London include a Support Manager who logs and manages every support incident and he is backed by a team of professional OpenInsight developers and trainers based in London. 

The UK office is also backed by the support personnel based in the USA and this includes the developers who actually build OpenInsight.  In addition, OpenInsight developers have access to a dedicated Account Manager who has access to senior Revelation management so that every issue is fully managed at all levels and those critical issues can be quickly escalated to the highest level for a quick turn around.

Training – Revelation Software provide a number of training options.  These options begin with three classroom based courses which cover an Introduction to OpenInsight, Intermediate topics and then more Advanced topics.  These courses are usually each held over three days and the course agendas can be downloaded here.

In addition, customers have the option to purchase training workshops.  These are bespoke training sessions which can be provided as a one on one session or we can arrange a workshop with up to six developers.  The advantage to the workshop option is that the sessions can be undertaken in London, at the customer’s site or any other mutually acceptable location.  In addition, whereas the classroom based courses need to follow the course agenda, workshops allow the tutor and students to go off track, to explore the more interesting and relevant topics in much more detail and topics of lesser or no relevance can be skipped altogether.  Because, we use top end OpenInsight developers to deliver the course and workshops, we are usually able to put content into real world context and to call on the application development experience of the tutor.

Consultancy - Revelation Software's consultancy services cover all additional aftersales services that are required by OpenInsight developers and end users from time to time. This includes the development and maintenance of complete database driven applications, on-site installation consultancy, data migration and warehousing, project management, system health checks, etc. All of these services are provided by our sister company Sprezzatura, based in London.

To discuss your aftersales support or training requirements, please contact us with your contact details and a best time to call.